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This Sunday's Message
 "Texting Heaven"
Series: How We're to Pray


In worship we ought to experience something outside the ordinary, something inspiring. Worship is where two worlds join--our's and heaven's.

Jesus taught that when accompanied by the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit, worship can transport us outside our circumstances and offer a taste of the world to come. It's there that singles, marriages families, even communities can be renewed and restored.
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How Worship Works
Worship is not only extraordinary it's exclusive. As the one superlative, non-created being in all the universe, worship is reserved for God alone.
We can admire great people and be in awe of the Grand Canyon, but no matter how wonderful, the Creator-God is distinct.

In reserving worship for himself God is not being selfish. Instead he wants our best.

When we seek ultimate happiness or security in job, family, relationships, addictions or any created thing, it leads only to our heartbreak. God gave us good things to enjoy but only he can provide genuine human flourishing.

Why worship the God of the Bible?
But why biblical worship? And how could such an ancient book still be relevant? In today's world these are relevant questions.

It's important to know that not only does the Bible address modern challenges, but
also that it's precisely because it is such an ancient book that we both need and can rely on its answers.

In a world of shifting values we need guidance from somewhere far outside. We need reliable truth firmly anchored in the bedrock of eternity and ultimate reality.

A Road-map for Living
When we move beyond casual inquiry, the Bible evidences itself as that very thing. Its wisdom rings as a true communication from Creator-God to mankind, providing a reliable road-map for living.

Also, God's design for worship is not merely ethereal but relates to the most practical areas of life. Whether single or married, younger or older, interacting with its truths can be both practical and transforming.
An Invitation to Ultimate Relationship
Finally, God doesn't just accept or tolerate us. John's gospel shows how Jesus taught that the heavenly Father actually pursues worshipers(John 4:23-24)

Later in the same book, John records a prayer by Jesus revealing God's desire that we participate in the selfless love relationship that has existed between Father, Son and Holy Spirit from all eternity. (John 17:23)

In short, the God who created galaxies, oceans, canyons and people, draws us to personally know and interact with him in an ongoing way. That's an important part of his great plan!

You're Invited!
Are you interested in this kind of inspiring worship? If so, then you're invited to join us this Sunday as together we pursue the God whose intention is to renew both people and nations, and eventually all of creation. end

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We are a small but growing church with plans to build within the next eighteen months. If you attend a service you won't be pointed out. You won't be asked to give money. You won't be asked to join. You won't be coerced to do anything. It's simply our hope that you'll be inspired to know the God of the universe better, and that you'll leave with a renewed and greater faith for all the parts of your life.

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Winding Creek Community Church is just one of many churches in Stafford VA.

We're just south of Quantico and Woodbridge and the Quantico Marine Base. We're about 15 miles north of Fredericksburg, at the corner of Garrisonville Road (Route 610) and Shelton Shop Road (just behind the Food Lion Shopping Center). Our services, events and offices are in the Stafford Campus of Fredericksburg Christian School Elementary School located at 101 Shepherd's Way.

We own land next to the school with plans to build a church facility. Our worship music employs both contemporary choruses and classic traditional hymns. We aim for Spirit-filled worship with theological integrity and biblical substance. Our services are designed to build the faith of both first-time and regular attenders.

Of the churches of Stafford Virginia, we would be considered reformed, charismatic, and non-denominational. We are a charismatic church in that we value the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. We are committed to theological integrity holding it to be integral for worship that is in both Spirit and Truth.

We are confessional in that we hold to the truths recovered in the Reformation Period of church of history. Specifically we look to the Apostles', Athanasian and Nicene creeds, as well as the Heidelberg, Belgic, and Westminster confessions. We teach the Scriptures from a covenantal theological perspective, a view that places Christ at the center of both testaments. 

Though Winding Creek is non-denominational, we are a member of Grace Network of Churches (and Grace Presbytery), with sister networks in England and South Africa. Our church government is somewhat Presbyterian with a plurality of elders as the governing body and the congregation involved at some level in most every aspect of church life.



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